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Frequently Asked Questions

I have lost my download page
You should have received an automatic email with your download link straight after your purchase (please check your spam / junk folder if you can't see this).
If you still can't find your download link you can recover this with your clickbank order number. This will be listed on either your Credit Card statement, or your PayPal transaction statement, depending on how you paid. Once you have this go to our order recovery page and enter your order number to get access to your download page again.
If you still can't find your order number then please contact us and we will locate your order.
Can I burn a CD from the Mp3s?
Yes. You will still receive the benefit of the messages if you burn it to a CD. Just burn the MP3s as you would with any regular MP3s. There are many different systems and software burning programs but we have written up some information in the following guide on how to burn a CD using some popular free programs:
Download our technical guide here
How do I move the tracks onto my iPod / Mp3 player?
Our technical guide will also show you how to move your mp3s onto an iPod or other standard mp3 players:
Download our technical guide here