Tinnitus Relief Subliminal

Tinnitus Relief

Use our tinnitus relief album to reduce your tinnitus and get relief from your symptoms.

  • Do you hear constant noise in your ears and your head?
  • Do ringing, hissing high-pitched, buzzing, whistling or other noises get worse when you're under stress?
  • Do they affect your quality of life?
  • Do you want to reduce tinnitus volume and even to completely get rid of tinnitus?

It is estimated that approximately 10% of people suffer from tinnitus - a condition where you experience sounds that have no external source (usually ringing or buzzing in your head). This condition is not only unpleasant - if you've been suffering from it for a while, you have probably experienced more than a few embarrassing situations, even if you suffer from a mild form.

This powerful subliminal album was designed to provide help in reducing your tinnitus by targeting the areas of your subconscious mind responsible for what you hear in your head. It is not meant as an outright cure, but simply to provide some relief in the short term, and to help to lessen your suffering on a longer term basis.

  • It will reprogram your mind on how it listens to the tinnitus. Right now your mind is programmed to listen to these noises as if they were real, and to respond to them the same way; when it "learns" to make a distinction between the "real" noise, the one that comes from external sources, and the noise in your head, it will simply stop giving much attention to tinnitus - it'll be like these sounds don't exist.
  • It will also remove other symptoms that are associated with tinnitus. The messages on this album will remove all negative associations related to tinnitus and the emotional clusters associated with tinnitus noise. With time you will find yourself considerably less troubled by your tinnitus; your depression, stress, and anxiety will go away, improving your overall quality of life.
  • Your tinnitus will no longer be aggravated when in stressful situations. Your mind will learn how to deal with tinnitus in a natural way so stress will have no influence on it.

This is a completely safe and natural remedy to tinnitus; play it when you are suffering, but also generally once per day for a duration of a few weeks.

Download it today and start working on reprogramming your mind to get relief from tinnitus symptoms, and perhaps even to completely cure it!

This album works well when combined with our stress relief album - if you are under a lot of stress then combining these two albums will bring maximum results.

Listen To Our Sample Tracks

Each of our albums contains 5 tracks; Ocean, Fire, Wind, Thunderstorm, and a completely Silent track.

These 5 tracks contain the same affirmations (which you can see to the right) - we include 5 different tracks purely to give a variety of sounds for you to choose from if you prefer one type over another.

Select a track below to hear a 20 second sample:

* These samples are representative of what you will hear but do not contain any subliminal messages.

Affirmations In This Recording

  • My tinnitus is easing
  • My tinnitus is going away
  • My tinnitus is mild
  • I manage my tinnitus well
  • Every day my tinnitus improves
  • I handle my tinnitus well
  • My tinnitus lessens every day
  • My tinnitus symptoms are constantly easing
  • I am in control of my tinnitus
  • My tinnitus symptoms are easing away
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